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How To Pick The Right Bed For Your Dog: Here's What You Need To Know

How To Pick The Right Bed For Your Dog: Here's What You Need To Know

As pet parents, we’re responsible for our pups’ safety, security, and enjoyment of life. Our fluffs can’t buy their own food, choose a toy in the store, or go for a walk whenever they want. That’s up to us! 

Another important thing we need to do to keep our dogs secure and comfortable in their own environment is to pick the right bed. This can make or break your pup’s comfort and his sense of ownership. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a bed for your dog. 

Size It Correctly 

Have you ever tried to get a decent rest on something you can’t actually fit on? It’s not easy… And it won’t be easy for your dog either. 

Make sure the bed you choose is big enough for your pup to lie on his side, fully stretched out, without even a whisker being over the edge of the bed. You’ll need to measure your pooch from wet nose to the tip of his tail in order to get this right! 

If you have a large or giant breed, yes - you will need a bed that’s rather huge and might seem like it takes up the entire room. This is a sacrifice you’ll have to make, though, unless you’re okay with your pup sleeping on the humans’ bed. 

Choose Your Shape 

Many pet parents don’t consider the shape much, but it can make a difference to your pup’s level of comfort. If your dog likes to lounge on his bed, a mattress bed would work well. For something with a little more of a hug factor, a nesting bed is a great option. You can also fill it with blankets to create a snug little corner for your pooch. 

Dogs who are shy or like their space may benefit from an igloo-style bed. Hammock beds and raised beds don’t sit against the icy floor, so pups who suffer from the cold may enjoy one of these. Think of your dog’s needs! 

  • Mattress. 
  • Pillow. 
  • Nesting. 
  • Hammock. 
  • Igloo. 
  • Raised. 

Consider Your Pup’s Comfort 

Remember, picking the right bed for your dog is all about your fluff’s comfort. The bed they sleep in should suit them and cater to their specific needs. Consider these two factors: 

  • How Do They Sleep? 

  • Some dogs curl up in a little ball and sleep like that. Others sleep sprawled across the bed with their legs in the air! The way your pooch is comfortable will make a difference to the type of bed that would best suit them. 

    curler would probably enjoy a nesting bed or an igloo-style bed. A sprawler may benefit more from a mattress-type bed. 

  • How Are Their Joints? 

  • Older dogs will need something easier on the joints. An orthopedic bed is a great idea for pets who are aging and may have a bit of arthritis in their bones and joints. 

    These dog beds are heavily cushioned with foam, supporting your dog’s weight comfortably. Some may be made from memory foam. This type of cushioning molds to your pup’s body, taking pressure off their joints. 

    Last Things to Consider 

    • Is the bed/cover machine washable? 
    • Do you have space for it? 
    • If you’re choosing a bolster bed, go for one size up. 
    • There should be a minimum of one bed per dog in the household! 


    The bed is our comfort zone - the place we go to rest, cry, heal, curl up with a book, cuddle, or simply avoid the cold. Don’t you think your pup’s bed has the same sort of feeling to them? 

    Choosing the right bed for your fluff isn’t just giving him a comfy place to lie. It’s giving your pooch the gift of his own space in the home, a spot he owns and will go to when he needs extra comfort. 

    Choose carefully and your pup will be happy and comfy for years to come!

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